KSF Technologies AG

Software is What We Do.

  • There are many good corporate software products by well-known vendors. Yet, almost every company has specific IT needs, which require tailor-made software - i.e. Custom Software Development - one of the core competences of KSF Technologies.
  • Message Aggregation and Governance Hub “ARKIVY” is a real time bulk electronic message processing engine for enterprise scale data streams.
  • Provides a solution that not only better enables efficient hierarchy management, it also provides a hierarchy template that can significantly improve the performance of Compliance Accelerator.
  • Storage, and Archiving. The ASG-ViewDirect® Suite is a scalable, full-featured, fully-integrated, ECM system that delivers fit-for-purpose ECM solutions. It manages all content regardless of type, volume, platform, storage device or viewing client in distributed and mainframe environments.
  • Our QA professionals possess a unique combination of development and testing experience getting all advantages of the traditional high standard education and live expertise of work in the software industry.
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