Web-based GIS solution for Real Estate Transactions monitoring and analysis


Web-based GIS solution for Real Estate Transactions monitoring and analysis


Real Estate Transactions Browser is a web application with rich GUI (Java-applet) that provides the user (real estate agent, loan manager of the bank, broker) with capabilities to build complicated queries for selling/buying operations over properties of different types (commercial houses, industrial properties, small houses, agricultural properties) and get query results on the map. The user can browse details of each selected transaction, export results to Excel or to PDF (in form of a printable report). Data exported to Excel is handled additionally with statistical macro to add value in form of diagrams and different totals/averages. Real Estate Transactions Browser also supplies the user with marketing information (4 classes of marketing zones, yield/rental prices dynamics).

Mapping capabilities of Real Estate Transactions Browser are based on set of vector background maps stored locally on the application server. Release 6.1 has been integrated with a third-party map data provider. Real Estate Transactions Browser via SOAP-based API can extract raster maps and add them on top of background map. This feature allows to get detailed/specialized map (satellite, roads, woods and so on) for rural areas of the country.

Real Estate Transactions Browser is managed by flexible and powerful security system. Application administrator has control over every application feature not only on available/not available level. The administrator can limit geography of data available for the user (on municipality level). There is also a possibility to limit access time for the user either by number of requests or by calendar.


Real Estate Transactions Browser is a 3 tiers application:

  • Rich Java client
  • ASPX (.Net) middleware
  • MapXtreme 2008 .Net map engine with set of background maps, MS-SQL Server 2005 with application database (data access is wrapped up by stored procedures API)
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