Wireless network analysis and optimization tool


Wireless network analysis and optimization tool


Allows wireless network engineers to see a status of their network aggregated to markets and drillable to an individual cell or even a handset/call. It displays key performance indicators in various dashboards, reports and puts cells shaded by selected KPI on a geographic map. It provides web UI to access the dashboards/reports/map layers.
User navigation along any axis of interest (such as network hierarchy or time) is handled instantly by displaying the requested data in no longer than 5 seconds.


  • ETL gathers data from heterogeneous data sources – ASCII or Excel files, database tables of various RDBMS
  • data transformation routine stores data in Oracle data warehouse in a uniform way
  • aggregations are applied to raw data in order to pre-calculate key performance indicators and store them in the form ready to be presented to end users
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services are used as OLAP engine; multiple OLAP cubes are built upon data warehouse and used for instant access to any slice of data
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services are used to present requested data in tabular or chart forms
  • Oracle MapViewer component of Oracle Application Server is used to plot spatial information about wireless or customer-related artifacts on geographic map


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