High performance back-end for e-commerce system


High performance back-end for e-commerce system


The back-end application intends to support all internal business processes of one of the biggest and fast growing European e-commerce companies that provides online shopping in 10 countries. The e-commerce system that was launched 10 years ago has required re-engineering as well as maintenance and implementation of new features. The e-commerce application and back-end, as a part of it, is migrated to a new architecture that fits customer requirements to handle grown load and expanded market.


The e-commerce system has a requirement for high-end transaction load and easy customization. Due to the requirements, a presentation layer is migrated to PHP with Zend Framework that helps designers to change and customize front-end easily and quickly. As well it helps to make front-end appearing more attractive for the end users. XML-RPC connects PHP front-end with a powerful business layer implemented in Java, Spring. Oracle 11g database is used as a data storage and accessed from the business layer via data access layer implemented in Hibernate. Web-application is run by Resin 3 application server.


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