Eventing integration framework on enterprise platform


Eventing integration framework on enterprise platform


This framework is used to integrate various enterprise systems by means of events. The benefits of such integration are the following:

  • enterprise platform components based on Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • data driven routing mechanism based on Apache Camel
  • security authentication for external calls
  • different data formats can be processed using standard and custom processors and transports
  • sender does not need to know the destination address, it sends events to the mediator component and then it is properly routed and delivered to the destination
  • mediator component will attempt to redeliver failed events until succeeds (or exceeds limited number of attempts), if a destination is not available at the moment
  • flexible container start up configurations: standalone, ServiceMix, external application server (JBoss, Tomcat)


Apache ServiceMix is used as an application server to host framework components. Persistent messaging is implemented using ActiveMQ JMS queue. Events persisted in a relational database (DB2 z/OS, MSQL, Oracle) for further retrieval. Web services are used for interaction with external endpoints.

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