Search frontend for a cohesive archive client


Search frontend for a cohesive archive client


The search frontend is a web application with a customizable user interface that provides quick and easy access to documents kept in document archives. It is a part of integrated solution providing standardized access to documents stored in different content management systems. It authenticates users using LDAP and provides search forms based on:

  • the configuration data stored in LDAP for this particular user
  • permissions to the content stored in the underlying content management system

For the user’s convenience,  the application saves the criterion data for the last search and restores it when user logs in into the application again. The application supports configuration facilities for customized deployments where some aspects of the application are changed for different customers.


Access to every integrated CMS is done through a CMS abstraction layer, independent on any CMS, while a concrete implementation for a given CMS uses appropriate API provided by the CMS.


  • search frontend
  • LDAP login module


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