Guard tour patrol system with field force mobile application


Guard tour patrol system with field force mobile application


This product improves efficiency of a security agency by providing the agency with a real-time personnel tracking and enabling the security guards with a convenient tool for reporting observed crimes. The mobile application facilitates easy to use communication means that allow the patrols to coordinate efforts on detecting and deterring the crimes and arresting law breakers. Integration with alarm center allows prompt escalation of the incident to the high emergency level.
Inexpensive hardware allows the agency to equip every guard with a personal device, eliminating a need for the patrols to visit the office prior to starting the duty shift.
Efficient power consumption allows the patrol to operate uninterrupted for the duration of the duty shift.
Feature rich web application gives the agency means for generating payrolls based on the actual shift time and tools on statistic analysis of committed crimes from different perspectives.


This system consists of

  • mobile application communicating with web application via HTTP
  • web application accessing database
  • MySQL database


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