Test factory as a part of continuous integration using Selenium 1


Test factory as a part of continuous integration using Selenium 1


The factory is a bunch of most useful open source tools aimed to improve product quality. In conjunction with best testing practices it simplifies QA process and significantly reduces costs for maintenance phase.


  • functional/regression testing is powered by Hudson
  • tests are front-end based and driven by Selenium
  • possibility to run automated tests in simultaneous multithreading mode on different environments using Selenium Grid
  • alarm notification when a build or tests fail
  • ability to capture screenshots for failed tests
  • testing can be performed not for all but only for certain functional areas; such option is available on start testing page
  • test scripts are environment independent (same script can be performed on various environments like dev, staging, prod)
  • test scripts are country independent (same script can be performed on various country specific instances; total 19 countries)
  • test scripts are browser independent (different browsers are supported like FireFox, Chrome and IE)
  • test report has human-readable format including error message, link to respective screenshot, stack trace, scenario to reproduce
  • test is self-documented; every failure description contains scenario (steps) performed before the issue occurred
  • test framework contains customized exceptions (exceptions are handled by test framework, every stack trace contains appropriate exception defining the reason of the failure)
  • emailing feature is tested by using base mail protocols (SMTP, IMAP)
  • tests are performed for both full and mobile sites
  • ability to mark any test to run if certain condition is true (for instance the test is environment or browser specific)
  • capability to run individual tests (dynamically create/update set of tests to be performed in the next test run)
  • authorization stage is enabled for the test factory
  • ability to perform tests using different branches (branches with test scripts are synchronized to release branches)
  • regression testing is performed on a nightly basis and under various conditions
  • core of the factory is common for certain projects
  • ability to run tests for specific revision
  • ability to specify different log levels for output



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