Media distribution platform with multiple business channels


Media distribution platform with multiple business channels


The primary purpose of this product is to facilitate e-commerce sale and distribution of multimedia products (such as music, video, ringtones etc.), as well as to provide supporting services, like customer support, product management support, financial clearing, etc.
The media distribution platform is a light and fast framework with small overhead designed for customers with high-end transaction load and high availability requirements. It facilitates support for multiple presentation and business logic channels (can run two or more sites/interfaces (HTML, WAP, SOAP, etc.) for different retailers on the same backend (datastore, business logic).
For the system engineers it provides an extensive monitoring, administration and troubleshooting facilities.

Several web and mobile applications were created on this platform and deployed for different customers in Europe, Russia, China and India.


The media distribution platform is a multi-tier platform where:

  • data storage: Oracle 10g
  • data access layer: Hibernate
  • business: EJB, JBoss
  • application server: JBoss
  • presentation: Struts
  • web server: Apache

The media distribution platform is integrated with different external components of the following types:

  • Clearing house — provides content preparation/protection and license generation features;  it is utilized during purchase, download and license acquisition process
  • Authentication service — is an external service which provides user authentication; it is usually utilized for customers who have pre-existing customer base which has to be integrated in the e-commerce platform
  • Payment gateway — is an external service to process payment and billing requests
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