Information system for designing and managing workflow applications


Information system for designing and managing workflow applications


The product is a business process platform for designing and managing workflow applications that support internal operations as well as e-business systems. It allows integrating content, process, people, and systems, and by making intelligent choices in routing tasks.


The workflow applications created with the system connect the enterprise with customers and trading partners while improving internal productivity. Typical workflow applications include both e-business applications, such as loan processing, and internal applications, such as call center workflow. Workflow applications pass documents, information, and tasks from one user (a participant) to another in a way that is governed by rules and procedures customizable by the system administrator.

Workflow applications are web applications that run on J2EE-compliant application servers. Workflow administrators interact with the workflow application and a separate, out-of-the box administrator application that is also a web application. Users and administrators interact with workflow and administrator applications through their browsers.


  • maintenance and support
  • enhancing product with new features
  • adding single sign-on facilities
  • implementing web services exposing features for web service clients
  • adding integration with other products



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