Avista Template Engine


Avista Template Engine


A fast template engine was specially designed for software development teams to achieve the highest degree of concern separation, high productivity rate and decrease cost of quality assurance. Developed to benefit the whole team of a project, the template engine enables independent and simultaneous UI appearance and behaviour implementation, allows customers to review and approve user interface appearance and content at the early stages of development, facilitates reusability, internationalization, automatic regression testing and provides with even bigger set of beneficial features as described below:

Benefits to management
The template engine allows to produce accurate user interface mock-ups, which can be filled with real or test data, so that a customer can approve user interface appearance and contents as soon as possible – at the software design stage.

Benefits to quality assurance
The ATE can separate business data from the user interface mark-up to make an automatic functional regression testing possible.

Benefits to development:

  • development roles separation (Pure Java® API for developers, simple mark-up language for template designers)
  • template decomposition helps in reusing code or mark-up once written
  • localization and internationalization support
  • Adobe® Dreamweaver® support makes the job of designers easier
  • AJAX-ready
  • asynchronous rendering (enables responsive user interfaces, allows applications to generate huge data streams with fair memory consumption quantity in the course of time)
  • ability to expand engine capabilities with little efforts

Please refer to Avista Template Engine white paper for details.


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