Holidays calendar for Redmine


Holidays calendar for Redmine


This Redmine plugin allows creating holiday calendars and assigning them to the users. The holidays are shown on the project calendar with indication of the project members it is assigned to. In the process of creating/editing a calendar, the user is be able to

  • define:
    • fixed date holidays (e.g. Victory day)
    • floating holidays (e.g. Easter) by exact dates
    • short days
    • days of a custom type with a specified day duration
    • day types by week day (for example, assign Friday as weekend day type)
  • assign holiday dates by entering dates or clicking in the calendar grid
  • assign users to calendar (on the calendar page)
  • assign calendar to user (on the user page)
  • show one or all relevant holiday calendars on a project calendar
  • copy current year floating date holidays to the next year
  • copy calendar
  • delete calendar

Days of different types are shown in different customizable colors.


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