Database-driven Web Applications
B2B and B2C application intranet solutions
Interactive development
Multi-tier applications
.Net development
Cross platform Java Development
EJB Development
Cobra Components
Client-Server Applications
COM/DCOM Development
Data Warehouses

Electronic message archiving
E-Discovery infrastructure and application integration
Key Skills : Archiving, Compliance, e-Discovery application extension and optimization via vendor APIs
Regulatory and compliance message surveillance
Consulting on holistic compliance messaging and policy frameworks

Effective solution for extraction, transformation, and loading of business data
Trends and development elaborations
In use with key European banks for Real Estate Business Analytics
Staging and classification of data
Sophisticated visualization of analysis results using dashboards, reports, maps.

Consolidation of structured and unstructured content, across multiple, disparate repositories
Providing of long-term integrity, availability, and accessibility of content for all corporate information systems on any platform
Applying advanced indexing that provides multi-level, multi-key access to information regardless of repository type
Records Management
Integration with business workflows
Reports balancing and reconciliation

Manual testing
Automated functional
testing using frameworks and tools
Performance testing
(load, stress, volume, benchmark)
Continuous Integration.

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