Data governance benefits


Complete Data Inventory
With all of your MIFID2 content in a centralized content storage solution, you get a holistic view of all of your regulatory records. You get flexible assignment of retention periods, initiated by business events and calculated based on assigned metadata, as well as the ability to hold records for legal and audit purposes.

Data Lineage & Stewardship
Under MIFID2, knowing which systems generated regulated content will be critical to managing where it is stored and ultimately distributed. With stewardship, different business units also get the ability to see in micro-detail the archived state of their content and where it has been distributed. This will be especially important for finding private data covered under the forthcoming GDPR regulations.

Data Enrichment
With the additional organizational, geographic, human resource and business relationship data from Arkivy’s curation, your reference store provides more content for analytics and better correlations between data types across different document and communications systems. Your organization will gain analytical insight on many new data dimensions.

Centralized Client Data Hub (Data Warehouse)
With the Arkivy metadata index, your disparate MIFID2 records converge into a reference data set that is in essence a new data warehouse that can be used for advanced analytics and comprehensive reporting on MIFID2 impacted content.

Rich Reporting
Reporting is a key feature of the reference data set. All parties that have sent content to the service point will be able to see reports of their content and its activity while in transit and at rest in the archive or downstream systems. This provides all subscribing parties reassurance that their data are being properly archived and governed.

Audit & Forensics Ready
As a reference data set with full data governance applied to the collection, storage and distribution of MIFID2 content, your internal audit team will have an advanced tool to conduct audits to ensure that your organization is in fact complying with its MIFID2 record-keeping requirements. Your legal team will have a comprehensive tool to discover all relavant content related to legal and regulatory matters.

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