Regulatory benefits


Under MIFID2, Compliance personnel will bear the burden of ensuring that their firm is in fact complying with MIFID2 record-keeping rules.
Per ESMA’s clarifications, simply archiving data is not enough. Firms must have policies to determine what needs archiving and they must monitor their record-keeping processes. Employees must be educated on the firm’s content archiving policies and the firm’s management must ensure oversight of the archiving program. These are new governance tasks that must be conducted by Compliance personnel.
Our solution aides Compliance officers in these new governance tasks by providing risk management, oversight and data efficiency tools thus helping them produce a strong culture of compliance and ethics around MIFID2 content record-keeping.

Holistic Approach: Our solution manages your MIFID2 impacted data in the context of your business. Content required for regulatory record-keeping will come from many sources in complex ways. We collect, curate, archive and distribute the disparate content sources in a rational and standardized way to minimize content blackout risk while preserving lineage. Our wide-angle collection and archiving system will give you the ability to fully account for your data from source to archive.

Transparency Into Operations: With a real-time dashboard, alerts and reports, the Legal and Compliance team has new oversight tools into the operations of the team administering the archiving. No more surprise content blackouts. With this level of transparency, the firm can attest to the Regulators that they are properly monitoring and governing the archiving of their MIFID2 impacted content.

Single Reference Data Source: With all of your MIFID2 regulated content in a single archiving solution, you’ll be able to search for content and generate reports for audit and regulatory inquiries efficiently and without need to collate data from multiple data stores in different formats thus saving time. This reference repository can be seen as a data warehouse which can be accessed by other applications that may need the content for other purposes.

Curation & Analytics: Arkivy can add organizational, geographic, human resource and business relationship data to the content index. With this additional data, new insights can be gained from searches of the data across dimensions that have not typically been previously available, or if so, only after significant post-processing effort.

Foundation for ‘Best of Breed’ Discovery & Surveillance Applications: Mobius and Arkivy allow export of the curated MIFID2 content to any 3rd party application that may be more tailor fit to a specific task such as AML Surveillance, Risk Reporting or Advanced E-Discovery. Arkivy will ensure that all exported content are tracked for governance and data leakage purposes. This will be especially important for finding private data covered under the forthcoming GDPR regulations.

C-Level & Regulatory Assurance: Knowing and understanding where all MIFID2 related content originates, is stored and where that data flows will be a new governance level responsibility under MIFID2. With our holistically designed system, the corporate officers responsible for MIFID2 compliance will be able to do their jobs more effectively and with confidence.

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