Enterprise Auditing System


Enterprise Auditing System


Auditing facilities are becoming a basic requirement for compliance in many organizations. This system allows compliance administrators to monitor a real-time activity of the various services (web, administration, and end-user) and enables user sessions in different software solutions to create audit logs at all stages of operation. Auditing System is a generic auditing solution — one that can be used by Windows and Unix versions of client products.


The system consists of client libraries, to allow multiple client applications to communicate with a single Auditing application. Client applications are capable to extend the set of audit message types by registering new types with the Auditing System. The system has the capability to register any audit message type that conforms to a generic message schema. Client applications can use Java or C++ Audit Client API´s to compose and send audit messages. On a receipt, the Auditing System stores the message in the database repository. Reliable and secure delivery of audit messages is affected by the use of SOAP, along with WS-ReliableMessaging (WS-RM).

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